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June 2, 2004

U.S. Judge in San Francisco Strikes Down Federal Law Banning Form of Abortion

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And finally a bit of good news! In appreciation of one federal judge's sanity, I will include here a letter that I sent to every single one of the 17 Democratic senators who voted in favor of the ban on late-term abortions (I also sent a thank you letter to the two Republican senators who voted against the ban – and I am proud to say that they are both from my home state of Maine). See the link below for the story on this small initial victory in the New York Times. Please remember though, that the FDA recently voted not to approve emergency contraception for over the counter availability against the recommendation of it's advisory panel, thereby casting serious doubt on its role as an uncompromisingly science-based agency. Write to your senators, people. Seriously.

Dear Senator,

I want to express my deep disappointment in your decision to vote for the unconstitutional ban on late-term abortions. How your conscience can allow you to so ably assist our Right Wing, Republican leaders to strip American women of the rights and freedoms that we have fought so hard to attain, I cannot imagine. While it is not surprising, it is certainly disturbing that so few of our lawmakers can find it in themselves to have one speck of empathy for the women who have to make these terrible choices.

I am outraged that a woman who discovers late in her pregnancy that the child she carries has a brain stem, but no brain, will now be legally forced to carry that dying fetus to term. I am outraged that the grief of this, the most tragic kind of loss, will now be compounded by a second loss – the loss of power, of autonomy, of the right to do what is best for self and family. I am outraged that the cruel and hypocritical agenda of the Far Right has been allowed to flourish in a country that prides itself on freedom.

And I am outraged that you, a Democrat, have chosen to be a part of it.

The big picture: women without freedoms, women as second-class citizens with no right to control their reproductive lives.

The smaller picture: the woman whose child, a child she desperately wants, is horribly deformed and horribly doomed. How dare you add to her grief? How dare you presume to know more than her doctor? How dare you force her, an American citizen, to give birth to a dying child?


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  1. I didn’t write my senator, but I did send an e-mail to “Judge Judy”.

    If anyone can get anything done, SHE CAN!

    Comment by Anonymous — June 2, 2004 @ 7:52 pm

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