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June 14, 2004

Gay Pride 2004

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So, this past weekend was Boston Gay Pride. I went to the parade with a friend and we cheered and hooted and clapped and got very sunburned. I took many many pictures. If you would like to see some, please click on the link below. It was a great time – lots of beautiful men and beautiful women and beautiful creatures who could have been either. The colors were just incredible. Electric blue hats, pomegranate red head dresses, glittery gold gowns, and bubblegum pink feather boas. Planned Parenthood was there, the transgendered men and women marched, PFLAG, the Gay Blades, everyone was strutting down Boylston Street. And of course there were a lot of wedding dresses and tuxes. There were bubbles blowing around and confetti was flying, people were handing out condoms and stickers and, of course, beads. Then people gathered on the common for music and food and booths selling knick-knacky stuff. The weather was perfect and everyone was so happy.

Then it was time to go home so my friend and I got on the subway at Arlington Street. The subterranean environment inside the subway station was disappointingly different from the huge party above us. It was dark and too hot and no one seemed very celebratory. One of the marchers was in the station too. Just an hour before we had seen him walking down the middle of Boylston Street, waving and grinning. He had been wearing these little hot pants with streamers coming down from the waist, red angel wings and a white feather mask. He looked fantastic in the parade. But now, underground, out of his element, he looked a little scared and deflated. His wings were gone. His mask was off. But he was still wearing the hot pants and streamers.

As it turns out, he was right to be scared. He got on the same train as us and we were in the same car. Two stops later, this couple got on the train, a man and a woman. The man was wearing an American flag kerchief on his head. The woman had on a Red Sox cap. She didn't want to stand next to the beautiful, glittery man in hot pants. She tried to get away from him but the train was too crowded and she couldn't get far. She called him disgusting. The man insulted him as well, but I couldn't quite make out the words. The beautiful man looked so sad. And he got off the train soon after. I was fuming and loudly denouncing bigotry when my friend looked me in the eye and said, "They're not worth it." He was right. They weren't. They were just ignorant jerks. But I was so sad that Pride Day had to end on such a shitty note for the beautiful streamer man. No matter how proud gay people are, no matter how much progress they make with civil rights, they are still in danger of being hated to death around any corner.

Happy Pride.


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  1. I was at the Prudential that morning and I love the happy, glowing faces of the gay paraders (sp?) I drove off later and saw three blue suited flight attendants complete with blonde coifs, perky blue cap and legs that were miles long! Good lord, they looked prettier than most women.

    Sloth, you paint a vivid picture. The picture it drew made me sad.

    Comment by fleece — June 24, 2004 @ 10:41 pm

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