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June 14, 2004


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First of all, I feel compelled to mention (after some wicked wicked Indian buffet the other day) that one of the best things about being single is that one can eat as much onion chutney as one pleases.

Second, it is of note that Rush Limbaugh, that bastion of blustery, self-righteous hypocrisy, is getting divorced. Drugs are bad, mmmmkay? Marriage is a sacred and eternal vow between one man and one woman, mmmmkay? The sheep that follow me are too brainwashed by hate to see that I am the incarnation of all that I decry, mmmmkay? Mmmmkay.

Finally, from McSweeney's Daily Reason to Dispatch Bush:

DAY 53:

Meet The Press, February 7, 2004:

RUSSERT: If the Iraqis choose, however, an Islamic extremist regime, would you accept that, and would that be better for the United States than Saddam Hussein?

PRESIDENT BUSH: They're not going to develop that. And the reason I can say that is because I'm very aware of this basic law they're writing. They're not going to develop that because right here in the Oval Office I sat down with Mr. Pachachi and Chalabi and al-Hakim, people from different parts of the country that have made the firm commitment, that they want a constitution eventually written that recognizes minority rights and freedom of religion.

Rose Garden press conference, June 1, 2004:

Q: Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. Chalabi is an Iraqi leader that's fallen out of favor within your administration. I'm wondering if you feel that he provided any false information, or are you particularly —

BUSH: Chalabi?

Q: Yes, with Chalabi.

BUSH: My meetings with him were very brief. I mean, I think I met with him at the State of the Union and just kind of working through the rope line, and he might have come with a group of leaders. But I haven't had any extensive conversations with him.

Q: I guess I'm asking, do you feel like he misled your administration, in terms of what the expectations were going to be going into Iraq?

BUSH: I don't remember anybody walking into my office saying, Chalabi says this is the way it's going to be in Iraq.

(Source: NBC News, 2/7/04. See transcript at: President Bush Discusses the Iraqi Interim Government. The Rose Garden, 6/1/04. See transcript at:



  1. W is a cowboy. damn i love that.

    Comment by Jay — June 15, 2004 @ 4:30 pm

  2. Yee-haw! Everybody saddle up for another four years…

    Howdy Jay. Glad your ass-smelling dog found its real home.

    Comment by Sloth — June 15, 2004 @ 5:17 pm

  3. Do you really think they re-elect that yahoo? I’m hoping not. Here’s an opinion I’ve found no one to agree with me on – but ummmm…oral sex is the White House DID NOT BOTHER ME AND ALL MEN LIE ABOUT SEX. It just seems to me that was the worst thing we had to deal with in 8 years of Clinton. And w had taken this country to hell in a handbasket in no time flat.

    I would place an order for one of the floppy things (name eludes me already….) pictured on another day, but alas: one of my girls would no doubt molest it within hours.

    You take the best pictures.

    Comment by lucidkim — June 17, 2004 @ 10:35 pm

  4. crap – i should really at least read through my post once before posting – fix the above typos in your head

    Comment by lucidkim — June 17, 2004 @ 10:36 pm

  5. Unfortunately, yes, I think The Chimp may be with us a while longer. The truth is, I don’t think we have a good candidate. Much as I want anyone other than Bush, Kerry is weak contender. I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong about this, but I think that once again the liberal pussies have fucked us. If people had been willing to take a chance on Dean I believe we’d be a lot better off right now. But instead they went with the candidate who they thought was inoffensive enough and middle-of-the-road enough to appeal to the swing vote. Haven’t we learned our goddamn lesson about this already??? What is going to take for us to admit that we’re pissed off and to stand up for the things we believe in?? Shit, I’ll vote for Kerry, but I don’t have to like him.

    As far as Clinton, I adore the man, but he was an idiot for screwing that girl. In the 50’s no one would have batted an eye, but times have changed and he should have known better. Now that we have The Chimp in office, though, even Republicans are starting to miss the heady days of the national surplus. Good times…

    Comment by Sloth — June 18, 2004 @ 4:03 pm

  6. Oh, and thank you SO MUCH for the compliment! It made me feel happy and fuzzy like a caterpillar.

    Comment by Sloth — June 18, 2004 @ 4:05 pm

  7. I like Kerry’s wife – but Kerry himself doesn’t impress me either. Do you think he’ll be a stronger candidate if he picks Edwards as a running mate? (Is Dean a possibility?) I’d try to sound like I have any clue, but I rarely get to watch anything beyond Cartoon Network, so I’m a little weak on politics. I miss watching Chris Matthews. I love that man. Oh, yes, I know he is still on – I’m just saying I rarely get to watch him.

    Comment by lucidkim — June 18, 2004 @ 8:04 pm

  8. Dean is definitely not a contender for veep. Unfortunate but true. The media tied him up like a sack of kittens and threw him into the lake. Edwards would be ok, but it’s a little sketchy having two senators on the ticket. The general consensus is that it’s better to have two people from different political backgrounds – and even though Kerry is from the Northeast and Edwards is from the great deep South, there is some concern about their basically identical job descriptions. Clark is a formidable candidate for veep, but I don’t trust the guy. Don’t get me wrong, I was all over him like stink on rice when he first entered the race, but after a while he started to scare me a little. There was a big article about him in the New Yorker (which is my personal gospel) that made me want to cry.

    Of course, the best thing of all would be if John McCain would run. Fat chance and it will never happen, but if he did, we would be guaranteed a win. And frankly, if the race was between McCain and Kerry right now, I’d vote Republican.

    K, the Daily Show is all the tv news commentary anyone needs. Plus, there is hotness – that Jon Stewart, he gets my blood up.

    Comment by Sloth — June 19, 2004 @ 1:28 am

  9. Also, ditto on the Heinz chick. She’s hot shit and smarter than you and me and Vader put together.

    Comment by Sloth — June 19, 2004 @ 1:30 am

  10. rock on wit yo bad self… hehe i’m linking to you. hope that’s ok. =)

    Comment by you know who — June 19, 2004 @ 3:37 am

  11. Oh, well, gosh, if you insist! Yay for linking! It will be double-yay if I can figure out how to do it myself.

    -Not-so-smart Sloth

    Comment by Sloth — June 19, 2004 @ 12:34 pm

  12. Thanks for the insight – seriously. I love Jon Stewart, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Very funny gut and insightful…and I can usually follow him. I love Chris Matthews but he loses me sometimes – he’s a walking history book of politics. I’ll try to add the Daily Show to my list.

    This is silly, but I am very relieved you feel the same about the Heinz lady – I respect your opinion and am pleased. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by lucidkim — June 19, 2004 @ 3:16 pm

  13. Oh yeah – funny gut. ?? And a funny guy….

    Comment by lucidkim — June 19, 2004 @ 3:17 pm

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