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March 8, 2005

Remind me again who the “Evildoers” are?

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Well, the Republicans are at it again. Is there anyone who does not see a very clear delineation between good and evil in this scenario? The minimum wage has not been raised since 1996 and it is now lagging way behind inflation. People earning a minimum wage ARE BELOW THE POVERTY LINE, yet the Republicans have the nerve to claim that raising the wage from $5.15 to $7.25 would hurt the lowest wage earners. HURT them. Yes, that is the moronic crap that ACTUALLY came out of Senator Sununu’s mouth. Senator Sununu, who makes over $145,000 a year.

Some facts:

61% of minimum wage earners are women.

The average private sector wage is $15.90/hr. The percentage difference between this and the minimum wage is the largest in over 50 years.

Congress has voted to increase its own pay SEVEN TIMES in the past EIGHT YEARS by $28,500 but the Republicans don’t want to pay struggling citizens of this country SEVEN GODDAMN DOLLARS AN HOUR even as they change the bankruptcy laws under a bill written by the credit card companies to prevent the most destitute from crawling out of financial ruin – financial ruin they find themselves in because they make FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS AN HOUR.

Where is the humanity in this? Where is a tiny fucking speck of empathy for the people who need it most? How do Rick Santorum and his ilk call themselves Christians while they piss all over the Ten Commandments? Well, I guess loving thy neighbor doesn’t count in this case, since none of the people making the minimum wage can afford to live anywhere near the good senator’s neighborhood.

Thanks for trying, Senator Kennedy. We do appreciate the effort, futile or no.


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