Slow Adventures in Slothville

July 11, 2005

Easy Like Sunday Morning…

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Well, the new guy and I actually slept until noon. What? I’m a SLOTH, people!! What do you expect me to do? Get up at 10 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday? Get REAL.

Anyway, we went for coffee at Diesel Cafe where they give you an iced latte unmixed in an actual glass and for some reason it is heartbreakingly beautiful to watch the dark espresso bleeding into the white milk. Then we read the paper and chitchatted over the top of it. Then it was off to the Rosebud Diner where they serve breakfast all day and I crammed eggs benedict into my maw like if I wasn’t fast enough someone might steal them from me and make me cry.

Then we went to the store and bought mojito ingredients because, as it turns out, we are both mojito snobs and my boyfriend makes the BEST mojitos I’ve ever had. He even has his own mojito muddler that someone made for him and engraved his name into. One of his residents grows pineapple mint so we mixed that with organic mint from the store and we drank mojitos all day on the roof in the sun.

I wore a pair of his boxers and he let me cut one of his t-shirts into a little tank top and we proceeded to slowly but surely get completely snookered in the breezy sunshine. Then we went out to dinner and sat on the patio in the perfect weather, sipping wine and eating spicy seafood pasta puttanesca. It was a perfect Sunday.

Next thing I knew he came bolting into the apartment at 8:30 this morning and said, “Slothy!! It’s 8:30!! You have to be ready in 15 minutes!!” He’d been off somewhere dealing with some emergency or other.

There were people making a ruckus fixing something on the outside of the building and the cleaners were making a ruckus on the inside of the building. The whole place sounded like the invasion of Normandy. He was like, “We have to get out of here NOW, before the tenants start coming after me,” and we fled.

So now I’m here. In my stupid cube. Luckily, a tan renders makeup application less urgent. Happy Monday everyone! Blaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh…………


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