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June 21, 2006

Po folk, hot folk. Not the same folk.

Filed under: Celebrity Whoredom, News — shhville @ 2:43 am

Oh, you KNOW I'm watching Anderson and Angelina right now as I type.

It's all lips and hotness and posturing and poverty and Anderson's walking BAREFOOT in a dirty river – hello schistosomiasis! This is surprisingly moving and although it's the exact same thing that Wisconsin-sized Sally Struthers has been trying to make us pay attention to for aaaaages, I will openly admit that (as shameful as this is) the message comes across like a hammer to the head when it's transmitted from a set of enormous, shiny, pillow lips.

And, holy shit!! Hem has a song in a Liberty Mutual commercial?? Well…….good for them. They deserve some recognition.

Mo laytah!!

UPDATE: Ok, a whole section of this show was just devoted to stories of Sudanese refugee camps solely devoted to rape victims, many of whom were raped for days or weeks on end before being stabbed or shot between the legs when the militia men were done with them. There are lots of babies there and lots of colostomy bags. 




  1. Damnit all to hell, I missed Angelina!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

    Comment by Inanna — June 21, 2006 @ 3:03 am

  2. Dude, it’s still on right now!! TWO HOUR SPECIAL.

    Unless you were being sarcastic in which case, yeah, shuh, whatev!

    Comment by shhville — June 21, 2006 @ 3:26 am

  3. It’s horrible. I can’t believe I’m the same species as those people.

    Comment by Seth — June 21, 2006 @ 2:58 pm

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