Slow Adventures in Slothville


Ok, here’s the deal.

1. My name is Sloth. This blog is about my 7 lb. monster chihuahua, Penny, and celebrity shit. For personal/political stuff, see the archives. I don’t write about that shit on here any more because my attention span has been worn down to the nub by THIS CRAZY WORLD WE LIVE IN.

2. I used to password-protect everything after a creepy break up that I had, but that turned out to be a giant pain in the canhole so if there seem to be narrative gaps, it’s because I just deleted a bunch of shit that you fuckers don’t need to know about.

3. Yes, I know I haven’t updated since April of last year. This blog is a ghost ship right  now, but it’ll be back as soon as I have two fuckin seconds to rub together. Quit pressuring me, FUCK.

Update: so now I’m blogging a little bit, I guess. Ok, cool. If you need to reach me:

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